Beijing won Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes in ‘The 2nd International Youth Innovation and Enterprise Skills Competition’, mbarking on an internationalized entrepreneurship Road

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6:30pm, April 3rd,London time(1:30am, April 4th, Beijing time): the closing ceremony &awarding ceremony of ‘The 2nd China-UK International Youth Innovation and EnterpriseSkills Competition’, hosted by IEEAC-HVC and National Centre forEntrepreneurship in Education (NCEE), sponsored by London South Bank Universityand supported by SimVenture , a company based in UK, was grandly held inLondon. Mr. Wang Yongli, the minister-counselor of Education Department of theChinese Embassy to UK attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Besides Mr.Wang Yongli, more than 200 participants from both China and UK including Ms.Ceri Nursaw, CEO of National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE),Mr. Wang Xiaoyu, CEO of NCEE (China), Ms. Linsey Cole, Director of Enterpriseand Innovation of London South Bank University, the participating teams fromChina and UK and people from all parts of society attended the event.

Compared with thefirst competition, the finals have higher specifications, larger scale andhigher level of players. Twenty teams out of nearly 200 teams entered thefinals. Three schools from Beijing Vocational College of Finance and Trade,Beijing Institute of Economics and Management and Beijing Daxing FirstVocational School participated in the International Youth Innovation andEnterprise Skills Competition.

At 9:30 a.m. onApril 2, the 2nd International Youth Innovation and Enterprise SkillsCompetition was officially opened at South Bank University in London. Nineteams from nine Chinese universities competed with 11 teams from seven Britishuniversities to show the style of innovation and entrepreneurship education.During the same period, school leaders, leaders and teachers from participatinguniversities in China and Britain participated in the International Symposiumon Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in China and Britain to sharetheir educational experience.

This International Innovationand Enterprise Skills Competition is divided into three parts, including staticsimulation analysis, simulation operation and operation report. In thecompetition, each team, as a management team, takes over a start-up company. Inthe simulated competitive market environment, it simulates the businessactivities of enterprises by role-playing. In the competition, students willencounter various typical problems in business operation and variousunpredictable situations in the market. Participants need to identifyopportunities, analyze problems, make decisions, and implement them to solveproblems, so as to achieve corporate profitability and sustainable development.

In the operationalreporting link, the team members shared the company's operating practices,experience and shortcomings. It is worth mentioning that in this competition,most of the Chinese teams have used English to report, which shows theinternationalization process and effectiveness of Chinese vocational collegesfrom the side.

At the closingceremony and awarding ceremony, Minister-Counselor Wang Yongli delivered aspeech on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Britain, welcomed the participants,thanked the leading teachers and the organizers of the conference, andcongratulated all the winners. He pointed out that the students represented theyoung people of China and the level of rapid development of Higher VocationalTechnology in the past 40 years. Wang Yongli expressed the hope that we willcontinue to uphold the scientific spirit of pursuing truth, activelyparticipate in scientific practice, promote innovative culture, and be apacesetter to implement innovation-driven development. At present, China-UKrelations are in the golden age. I hope you can continue to work hard andachieve better results in such a good period and atmosphere.

At the awardceremony, the list of winners was announced and the award ceremony was held.The students of Beijing College of Finance and Commerce won the gold medal inthis competition with outstanding performance, and Shen Anqi won the "mostinnovative students" excellent student award with outstandingcomprehensive ability. As the only representative team of secondary vocationalschools participating in this competition, the young generals of Beijing DaxingFirst Vocational School team played extraordinarily well, and did not fear thestage and were active in the face of the powerful University team. Participatedin the competition and won the silver medal. Students of Beijing Institute of Economicsand Management received warm applause from the Chinese and English team and wonthe bronze medal of the international track with fluent English languageability and vivid expression in their report and reply. In addition, BeijingEconomic Management Vocational College won the "Best OrganizationalAward" of the competition, Zhou Xiao and Mao Jinhua of Beijing VocationalCollege of Finance and Trade, Li Chudong of Beijing Institute of Economics and Management,Sun Haiman and Ge Yu of Beijing Daxing First Vocational School were awarded the"Excellent Instructor Award".

Beijing College ofFinance and Commerce won the Gold prize.

Beijng Daxing FirstVocational School won the Silver prize.

Beijing Instituteof Economics and Management won the Bronze prize

At the award ceremony, Zhou Xiao, deputy director ofemployment and entrepreneurship center of Beijing College of Finance and Commerce,sorted out the video reviews of the preparation and organization of thecompetition at all stages since its establishment, and performed "You andMe" with the students of Beijing Vocational College of Finance in bothChinese and English on the spot, fully demonstrating the spirit of the teachersand students of Beijing Capital Vocational Education, and pushing theatmosphere to the scene climax.

The award-winning students said that the competitioncombines the professional knowledge learned in college with the dailyentrepreneurship training in schools, which improves the professional practiceability, and also exercises the team's decision-making, execution and responseability. In addition to the competition, young students from China and the UKcollided with each other in thinking, which raised their internationalhorizons, and at the same time found their own shortcomings and made clear thedirection of their efforts.

In order to further promote the exchange and cooperationbetween China and the UK in the field of innovation and entrepreneurshipeducation, an international seminar on innovation and EntrepreneurshipEducation between China and the UK was organized. Nearly 100 professionals fromChina and Britain participated in the seminar, including experts in innovationand entrepreneurship education, managers of innovation and entrepreneurshipeducation in Chinese and British universities, researchers, teachers,representatives of venture capital organizations and enterprises. Theschool-level leaders of the participating teams of Chinese and Britishuniversities will share their experiences and gains in the field of innovationand entrepreneurship education, the cases of Sino-British cooperation, and thepractical discussions on strengthening Sino-British alliance of innovative andinnovative education institutions in the future.

At the seminar, Vice President Su Chunlin of Beijing Instituteof Economics and Management shared the successful experience and Inspiration ofSino-British international cooperation projects. Zhou Xiao, deputy director ofthe Employment and Entrepreneurship Center of Beijing College of Finance and Commerce,introduced on behalf of Beijing the work of the Sino-British Alliance forInnovative and Entrepreneurial Vocational Education (Beijing) and itsachievements, which were highly recognized by the participants.

In 2017, under the guidance of the Beijing EducationCommittee, the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE) jointlylaunched the Sino-British Alliance for Innovation and EntrepreneurshipVocational Education (Beijing) with 20 vocational education institutions inBeijing. The alliance will continue to promote education by competition,promote learning by competition, build a platform for communication, learningand Exhibition for its member schools, promote in-depth cooperation betweenChina and the UK in education, polish the international brand of VocationalEducation in Beijing, and enhance the new influence of Vocational Education inBeijing.

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