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"3 + 1 + 1" exclusive Shuo straight up
The new Tongwen International Vocational Education and Continuing Education Curriculum System project is designed for students who have received tertiary education and three years of college education and students from the Vocational Education Institute. The project includes "3 + 1" and "3+" 1 + 1 "special about the two schools running school model. "3" is a three-year domestic education at the College Continuing Education Institute or Vocational Education Institute; "3 + 1" is completed three years of specialist degree study and qualified, IELTS test score of 6.0 or better, into the British University "3 + 1 + 1" is a bachelor's degree from a British university and continues to study at a British university for one year, earning a master's degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education, with a bachelor's degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education. The The program provides the majority of high school graduates and equivalent (including secondary vocational school graduates) in the country to receive foreign education opportunities for quality education resources for students and parents to save three years of study costs and one year of preparatory study time The
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1, the introduction of British vocational education, continuing education system
By the British vocational education authorities, vocational education associations, the Welsh International Education Department and other British vocational education institutions joint China Education Annual Conference, the service and other Chinese educational institutions for Chinese students to provide a variety of curriculum innovation and skills application curriculum system , By the British Welsh International Education Department is responsible for Chinese teachers training to help Chinese institutions to establish an international vocational education curriculum system;
With the British Higher Vocational College to run the main professional: management, business, engineering, IT, nurses, medical, financial, marketing, health and social security, human resources.
2, with the Wales international education cooperation courses
The Institute uses the materials designated by the International Education Wales (IEW). The first three years are taught by an IEW-accredited Chinese teacher. After the students are enrolled in the IEW exam and are qualified, I have a Diploma in Diploma. To ensure the quality of the course, IEW will jointly establish the Sino-British Vocational Education Quality Review Committee jointly with the China Education Annual Meeting to conduct regular external examinations on the implementation of international courses in vocational education and formulate the next cooperation plan according to the assessment report.
IEW can set up the main professional: architectural science, teaching, engineering, art and design, business management, health and social security, hotel management, tourism reception, IT, environment, media, performing arts, sports, education and training Wait.

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