What is Sinocampus

1.A Sino-UK education service provider, working with Chinese and UK education institutions to build a more entrepreneurial secondary and higher education sector in China.

2.Established in 2003 during China’s first education reform > renamed as SinoCampus International Education and Technology Limited (SinoCampus) in 2012 to 'raise the profile of internationalization and enterprise' within educational institutions

3.Currently working collaboratively with a wide range of partners including national and international Higher and Further Education institutions, businesses and policy-makers at national and local government, with on-going research to continuously improve our services.

What  we do

Transnational education programmes: for senior high schools, vocational colleges, and universities – partnerships with 132 schools, colleges and universities in China and UK

●Enterprise education: teacher training programmes, curriculum developments, assessment and simulation workshops in vocational colleges and technical universities 

Overseas development: technology transfer platforms, entrepreneurial programmes and assets 

Student services: university applications, summer/winter camps, study abroad programmes

What can we bring to the partner
To Chinese Universities: 

We aim to bring high quality international education resources to Chinese universities through introducing the backbone course from foreign universities’ curriculum as well as promoting substantive cooperation between Chinese and foreign universities. Meanwhile, we assist ongoing projects to obtain approvals from domestic education departments at all levels in order to improve school running conditions. These cooperative programmes within univesities offer Chinese students who do not have the chance to receive international education within their country an opportunity as well as improving their employability.

To Foreign Universities: 

We provide professional services to help foreign institutions and companies enter the Chinese education market, which includes the search for Chinese partners to ensure a professional matching, obtain the official project approval, sign the agreement of cooperation, last but not least, the implementation of the project from the very beginning to the end of it. We are proud to be the preferred partner for leading foreign universities when enter Chinese education market.

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