project description
New Tongwen basic education project, mainly the introduction of foreign quality education resources, in the domestic excellent high school to carry out the British Aide Si A-Level course. The A-Level course is a prestigious general education program in the UK. It is a British universal curriculum system and a college entrance examination course for British students. The A-Level exam is recognized by the international education community as "World College Entrance Examination" and "Global University Gold standard for admission ".
Course Settings
● System: three years
● & nbsp; Subject: Partial Domestic High School Course + Edith A-Level Course
The first year of major English intensive and Chinese high school part of the basic course of learning;
The second year of learning AS courses, after passing the AS certificate;
The third year of learning A2 course, AS plus A2 results constitute a complete A-Level subjects results.
Course Features
An original international courseThe introduction of the British advanced teaching model, the use of English textbooks, all foreign teachers and small class teaching.
● bilingual teaching and full counseling
Excellent bilingual teachers to students for extracurricular counseling to solve the differences between Chinese and foreign teaching students do not meet.
● & nbsp; completely self-selected A-Level course
Students only need to learn the most interesting 3-5 door A-Level courses.
Achieve excellent resultsCompared with foreign students, Chinese students have a solid foundation of science, especially in mathematics. And these subjects on the English language requirements are not high, so the Chinese students choose science subjects will be able to play specialty, easier to get good grades.
● focus on cultivating students' academic abilityThe International High School curriculum focuses on developing students' ability to identify problems, solve problems, write papers and academic reports.
The examination method is scientific and reasonableHigh school exam is not a test for life, students have the opportunity to conduct multiple re-examination.
High cost: "study abroad"
Students go abroad to study secondary schools spend about 25 million per year, while in the domestic reading of international high school curriculum can save more than 100,000 yuan. All the exams are also carried out in the country, no need to go abroad.
To avoid younger age studyPart of the elderly students in foreign countries lack supervision, leading to abandoned school, a waste of money, exhausted youth and parents of the savings, and ultimately nothing. The international high school curriculum in the country is undoubtedly the best solution to avoid this phenomenon.

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