Program of Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools: 4+0/3+1 Model

In the 4+0/3+1 model of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, one third of the teaching hours, one third of the main courses, one third of the teaching materials and one third of the foreign teachers are provided by foreign universities to Chinese universities, Ministry of Education’s four "1/3" requirements are completely carried out accordingly.

Institution of Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools

Foreign educational institutions and Chinese educational institutions shall, within the territory of China, cooperate to establish educational institutions, with Chinese citizens as the main target of enrollment, becoming the institution of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools. Approved by the Chinese and foreign educational administrative departments, this institution is included in the national unified enrollment of colleges and universities in China. The Ministry of Education will increase (adjust) the enrollment, and the expert team of Sino Campus will assist and guide the university to complete operation and management of the program or institution.

Advantage of Program

1. The bachelor’s degree program ("4+0"/"3+1") of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools

It includes 4+0, 3+1 and other Chinese-foreign cooperation programs for bachelor’s degrees. Students mainly study in China (students of the 3+1 program will study in foreign cooperative universities in the last year), the foreign partner university will send lecturers to teach the students, and the cooperation will take the full-time, Chinese-English bilingual teaching mode. When the students finish their study, those who pass the examination will be awarded the graduation certificate of Chinese universities, and those who meet the requirements for the awarding of bachelor’s degree of Chinese university will be awarded the bachelor's degree certificate of Chinese university. Students studying in the UK who have passed the examination will be awarded the bachelor’s degree certificate of British universities, those who meet the requirements for the awarding of bachelor’s degree of British universities will be awarded the bachelor’s degree certificate of British universities.

Our services

To provide policy and strategic advice on Chinese higher education and cooperative education

Submit the documents to the Chinese Ministry of Education for approval and get the approval in a timely manner

To provide market information for Chinese and foreign universities

To assist the decision-making on international education at the provincial and municipal levels and promote the progress

To introduce the best foreign educational resources

To provide and introduce foreign teachers and the teacher training in universities,to ensure the level of the curriculum

To match relevant courses and course settings

To provide translation and interpretation services for Chinese and foreign universities

To provide logistics support for British teachers in China, including visa, invitation letter, accommodation in Beijing and domestic partner cities, and domestic travel expenses from Beijing to partner cities.

2.Chinese-British international college -- to build its own international college for Chinese universities

Chinese-British international college is an institution of Chinese-British cooperation in running schools established by Chinese universities with high-quality educational resources from the UK. It offers all-round and multilevel cooperation in postgraduate education, undergraduate education, vocational education and overseas study services.

Nature: an institution of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools with no separate legal entity affiliated to Chinese universities

Vision: Chinese-British international college hopes to provide comprehensive services for Chinese university students

Cooperation model: jointly established by Chinese university, British university and Sino Campus

Number of students: more than 300


It is conducive to solving the employment problem of Chinese university students after graduation. The establishment of the international college will increase the employment rate of Chinese universities -- the proportion of students directly working after graduation,the rate of taking postgraduate entrance examination and further study, and the rate of students studying abroad. The strong alliance between China and the UK has promoted the development of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.It is conducive to the introduction of foreign high-quality educational resources, the cultivation of high and new technologies talents who are in shortage, and the optimization of educational allocation. The complementary advantages of key majors have promoted the communication between the two universities. Famous universities and colleges in China and the UK have the same academic and scientific research status as those in key disciplines, and have the same advantageous majors. The two universities learn from each other through cooperation and complement each other’s advantages. The introduction of high-quality educational resources has promoted the internationalization of higher education courses and university education in China. The British lecturers who teach in Chinese universities in Chinese-British international college are from a high-level teaching team composed of professors, senior professionals,doctors and leaders of research projects in related fields. Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools has introduced the teaching plans of foreign universities and original English textbooks, and brought domestic students in to the international teaching system.

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