Successful Conclusion of the Grand Final of ‘The 2nd International Youth Innovation and Enterprise Skills Competition’ in London

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In the evening of April 3rd, the closing ceremony & awardingceremony of ‘The 2nd China-UK International Youth Innovation and EnterpriseSkills Competition’, hosted by IEEAC-HVC and National Centre for Entrepreneurshipin Education (NCEE), sponsored by London South Bank University and supported bySimVenture , a company based in UK, was grandly held in London. Mr. WangYongli, the minister-counselor of Education Department of the Chinese Embassy toUK attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Besides Mr. Wang Yongli, morethan 200 participants from both China and UK including Ms. Ceri Nursaw, CEO of NationalCentre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE), Mr. Wang Xiaoyu, CEO of NCEE(China), Mr. Mike Day, Chairman of the Executive Committee of NCEE (China), theparticipating teams from China and UK and people from all parts of societyattended the event.

Minister-counsellor Wang Yongli delivered aspeech on behalf of the Chinese Embassy to the UK. He congratulated all thewinners and thanked all the friends from the Chinese and British educationalcircles who organized and attended the competition. He said: Teenagers are thefuture of the world, the hope of mankind and the vital force for thedevelopment of scientific and technological innovation. The 9 vocationalcollege teams from China represent the young people in China and the rapiddevelopment of Higher Vocational education in China in the past 40 years. WangYongli also said that China-UK relations are now in a golden age and the scaleand depth of cooperation between the two countries in business and trade,tourism, culture, science and technology are booming with fruitful results.Educational cooperation is an important part of China-UK friendly relations. Hehoped that more young people in China and Britain would strengthen their exchanges,build friendship and make joint efforts to contribute to a community of sharedfuture for mankind.

The winner list was announced in the awardceremony. Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology was presented OutstandingAchievement prize; Beijing College of Finance and Commerce, Wuhan City Polytechnic,Liverpool University were presented Golden prizes; Changzhou VocationalInstitute of Textile and Garment, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering,Beijing Daxing District First Vocational School, London South Bank University, DerbyUniversity were presented Silver prizes; Beijing Institute of Economics andManagement, Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College, Jiangsu College ofTourism, London School of Economics, Middlesex University, Lancaster University,Kent University were presented Bronze prizes; Wang Xiaohan of Shandong WaterConservancy Vocational College, Shen Anqi of Beijing College of Finance and Commerce,Anna of Liverpool University were presented Most Enterprising Student prizeswith their outstanding comprehensive performances. Jiangsu College of Tourism, BeijingInstitute of Economics and Management, Shandong Water Conservancy VocationalCollege, London South Bank University were presented Outstanding Organizerprizes.

Mr. Wang Yongli, the minister-counselor of EducationDepartment of the Chinese Embassy to UK

Ms. Ceri Nursaw, CEO of National Centre forEntrepreneurship in Education (NCEE)

Winners of Outstanding Organizer prizes: BeijingInstitute of Economics and Management, Jiangsu College of Tourism, ShandongWater Conservancy Vocational College

Compared with the 1st competition held last year, the grand finalsthis year had higher specifications, a larger scale and higher level ofplayers. 20 teams out of nearly 200 teams were selected and entered the finals.The Chinese delegation made rapid progress and scored several breakthroughs inthe competition, which was highly recognized by the British OrganizingCommittee. The Chinese teams entering the finals are: Beijing College ofFinance and Commerce, Beijing Institute of Economics and Management, BeijingDaxing District First Vocational School, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textileand Garment, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering, Jiangsu College ofTourism, Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology, Shandong Water ConservancyVocational College and Wuhan City Polytechnic. The British finalists are DerbyUniversity, London South Bank University, Lancaster University, LiverpoolUniversity, Middlesex University, Kent University and London School ofEconomics.

The award-winning students all said that the competition combined theprofessional knowledge learned in our colleges with the daily entrepreneurshiptraining, improving our professional practice abilities and at the same time,it also honed our team decision-making, execution and response abilities. Inaddition to the competition, young students from China and the UK were gatheredtogether for brain storming, which raised their international horizons and meanwhileexposed their own shortcomings, enabling them to identify the direction forfuture efforts.
Mr. Jiao Shiqi, the Chinese delegation’s head coach from Yangzhou PolytechnicInstitute, told reporters that through this competition, the teachers couldcombine entrepreneurship theories with entrepreneurship practices and transformthem into practical preparation for students' entrepreneurship projects, furtherimproving the level of entrepreneurship talent training and professionalconstruction.

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