The first innovation and entrepreneurship colleges and universities leadership training smoothly classes

Datatime:2017-01-17  Source:Sino Campus

To further promote the innovation and entrepreneurship education research and practice, to deepen the two sides in the innovation and entrepreneurship education and promote the employment of students in the exchange, April 20 morning, by the new Tongwen International Education Group (with the new text) with Baotou Light Industry Occupational Technology College (Light Industry College) to build the "Sino-British Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center" in Baotou Light Industry Vocational and Technical College was unveiled ceremony. 

The opening ceremony was chaired by Xin Limin, vice president of the Institute of Light Industry, Mr. Dai Jiaqian, executive vice president of the China Education Association, Wu Yun, vice mayor of the Baotou municipal government, and Ren Yanqiu, vice secretary of the Party Committee of the Light Industry College. Mr. Wang Xiaoyu, Vice President of the School, Mr. Ding Huiyu, Vice President Mr. Ding Hui, Mr. Mikeday, Chief Executive Officer of NCEE (China), Mr. Wang Qiang, the founder of the Genuine Fund, Mr. Bai Zhangde, Director of the former China Service Center, and other related schools Representatives attended the opening ceremony.

Mayor of Uyun, Ao Xupeng, Mikeday, President Wang Xiaoyu Unveiled the Innovation Entrepreneurship Center

Sino-British dual-center co-founder of the new Oriental co-founder, real grid fund founder Mr. Wang Qiang as a lifelong professor, Wang teacher for everyone on the Sino-British double center of the first lesson - "entrepreneur's dream." 

After the opening ceremony, delegates visited the United States of America GE and Germany FESTO training room, a public space, college students incubator nursery, automotive service training base, "dairy Huangpu" dairy engineering college training base.

Mr. Mikeday, Chief Executive Officer of the National Center for Innovation and Innovation (NCEE), China, has made an eye on the future exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

In the afternoon, "Sino-British Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center" school-related person in charge of the discussion. During the talks, the two sides put forward specific suggestions and suggestions on further cooperation and exchange, such as supporting the innovation and entrepreneurship courses between Chinese and British higher vocational colleges, cultivating and helping students to complete the pre-business knowledge and skills reserves and psychological adjustment. To build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship between Chinese and English youth, to help students realize the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

"Sino-British innovation and entrepreneurship center" is the establishment of Sino-British vocational education institutions of the opportunities and challenges, is between China and Europe for vocational education, the first exploration and practice of cooperation, is to deepen the Sino-British cultural exchanges One of the important initiatives. 
"Sino-British double-hit center" will be in the double-talent training, curriculum construction, student innovation and entrepreneurship training, a double mentor training, double-results transformation and other fields in-depth pragmatic cooperation. The center will build a training base for both Chinese and British teachers, and the three bases in the UK and China. The three bases will serve as the main target of the initial stage, focusing on creating the "Sino-British Double Talents Training Program" 100 A boutique business projects, 1,000 entrepreneurial managers, 100 million students benefit from the two-course courses to promote colleges and universities to carry out innovative entrepreneurship education.

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