The final of the Fourth China-UK ‘OBOR’?International Youth Enterprise and Innovation Skills Competition

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In order to further promote the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and conscientiously implement the requirements of “The Implementation Opinions of the general office of the State Council on deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities”, the Fourth China-UK ‘OBOR’ International Youth Enterprise and Innovation Skills Competition was held in the cloud from December 19 to 20.


This competition is jointly sponsored by Higher Technical and Vocational Education branch of the Chinese Society for Technical and Vocational education, The Innovation& Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of Higher Colleges in China(IEEAC-HVC), The National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education NCEE (China). It is organized by Xi'an Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute, and supported by China-UK Vocational Entrepreneurship Education Alliance (Beijing) and Beijing Chaoyang Community College.

Innovation and entrepreneurship education is an important part of a series of strategic measures to build an innovative country in China. Holding the innovation and entrepreneurship competition is a major system design and innovation in the work of innovation and entrepreneurship education. It is a powerful grasp for deeply implementing the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on innovation and entrepreneurship education. It is an important platform for cultivating and selecting innovative technical and skilled talents, and an important window for displaying the innovation achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship education and the style of teachers and students.


China-UK ‘OBOR’ International Youth Enterprise and Innovation Skills Competition has been successfully held for three times. The competition has attracted nearly 1200 teachers and 6300 students from more than 120 vocational colleges across the country. This year's competition has added a teacher competition on the basis of the previous student competition, so as to promote the improvement of teachers' and students' innovation and innovation ability. The student entrepreneurship projects of the competition cover many fields such as technological invention, cultural creativity, business services, catering and tourism services, agricultural services, sports, pension industry, logistics, media, etc., showing the characteristics of increasing the number of teachers and students, expanding the entrepreneurial field, and significantly improving the scientific and technological content.


Affected by the epidemic, in order to protect the health of teachers and students and reduce cross regional mobility, the online competition was adopted for the first time in this year's China regional finals. After school competition, city competition and regional competition, a total of 55 participating teams and 360 teachers and students from 32 Vocational Colleges finally entered the national finals.


After two days of fierce competition, five teams from Nanjing Vocational University of Industry Technology, team 1 and team 2 of Beijing College of Finance and Commerce, Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and Beijing Daxing District No. 1 Vocational School won the first prize in the student competition; The team of Beijing Vocational College of Finance and trade won the first prize in the teachers' competition.


The competition aims to learn from the successful experience of British innovation and entrepreneurship education, explore the training path of digital composite technical talents with new concepts, new models and new connotations, give full play to the promotion and leading role of the skills competition in professional construction, promote the integration of industry and education, and promote school enterprise cooperation. Through the competition, the professional ethics, professional quality, technical skill level and entrepreneurial ability of the contestants will be inspected, the achievements of vocational education reform will be displayed, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of college students will be stimulated, the comprehensive training of students' collaborative innovation ability, enterprise operation and management ability and professional post ability will be realized, and new ideas and directions will be provided for the education and teaching reform under the current world economic situation and environment, Build a new mechanism of talent training for ecological students' sustainable development.


In recent years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship as a major measure to implement the innovation driven development strategy, as an effective means to cope with a new round of scientific and technological and industrial changes, and as an important engine to stabilize growth, promote reform, adjust structure, benefit people's livelihood, and create a new driving force for economic development. In particular, since the promulgation of the "20 articles on Vocational Education", various provinces have introduced implementation measures for the high-quality development of vocational education, and vocational education has ushered in a golden period of development. In this process, the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship ability of vocational college students has also become an important topic in the rapid development of vocational education. How to cultivate high-quality technical talents with innovative ability and entrepreneurial consciousness has become an important content and reform direction of talent training in various vocational colleges.


Since its inception, the competition has become a very important part of the entire Chinese vocational education system. The assessment standards of innovation awareness and employment and entrepreneurship skills, and the universality of the competition content have provided an effective carrier for attracting students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship.


The successful holding of the competition has realized the promotion of teaching through competition and promoted the change of teaching methods, teaching methods and teaching means; Promote learning through competition, and change students' learning attitude, learning behavior and learning cognition; Promote reform through competition, promote the reform of talent training mode, talent training program and talent training quality evaluation; Promote integration through competition, and promote the integration of schools and enterprises, schools and schools, cross regional integration and cross-cultural integration. Finally, through the competition between China and Britain, it effectively promoted the international exchange of Vocational Colleges in China and enhanced the international influence of Vocational Education in China.


In the face of an era of deepening globalization, the event organizer will promote international exchanges and external exchanges of the event in the form of "Online + offline". Through the skills competition platform, we will create a new type of competition that is constantly open and developing, promote the integration of professional and creative talents of national vocational colleges, and promote the formation of a new competition that will never end online and offline, as well as a new pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship that combines industry, University, research and application, and school enterprise integration.






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